Web Tool Review: Twitter

Twitter, a social networking to stay in touch with friends and family no matter where you are or what you’re doing.  Through Twitter a user can send “tweets”–updates, text-based posts, up to 140 characters by a short message service, instant messaging in mobile text (SMS).  It is considered a micro-blogging service, something like the old telegraph, using what is called a “short code”(40404)  This is free service and when the you sign-in you get a profile page where the updates are displayed and instantly delivered to other users who can be restricted to your circle of friends.  The updates can be received through Twitter, instant messaging, SMS, RSS, or email. 

The person behind this concept is Jack Dorsey.  The origens of this web tool began in a research and development project of San Francisco company, Obvious, LLC in May 2006.  The original purpose was to be used internally by the company and it was officially launched in October 2006.   It gained tremendous popularity and in 2007 won the South by Southwest Web Award in the blog category.  In 2007, Obvious, LCC company decided to launch this service under a separate entity which is now Twitter, Inc.   Among the users of this service are the Los Angeled Fire Department and The University of Texas at San Antonio. 

Twitter is a very simple and easy tool to use for quick and short communication with friends and family and find out “what are you doing?” at that moment.  The benefit of this web tool is that you are not overloaded with unnecessary information when receiving messages, they are meaningful and timely.  You–the user, are in control of the service, selecting who will be part of your circle of friends and when to stop following them.  To select your friends, you add your friends phone number in the in “Add Friends” and when you want to stop using this service, just visit thedelete setting on the page and click “Delete your Account”.  After you have invited your friends you can follow them or they can follow you.  Twitter has also a blog which helps beginner in this web tool to get familiarized with how it works. It also can be added as widget to your face page.

Some challenges that this tool may present is that if you have Twitter alerts turned on, you would be receiving more texting than usual. The solution for this situation is to upgrade your mobile service plan or turn off the mobile updates but keep an active account of Twitter on the web.

Here you’ll find a list of twittering libraries. 

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